Run 3 summary

Tested 2017-11-23 23:44:00 using Chrome 62.0.3202.94 for  3 runs with desktop profile and connectivity native.

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Summary of some of the most important metrics.

Performance score:75
Total page size:393.0 KB
First Visual Change:467
Speed Index:475
Visual Complete 85%:467
Visual Complete 95%:467
Visual Complete 99%:833
Last Visual Change:867



The coach helps you find performance problems on your web page using web performance best practice rules. And gives you advice on accessibility and best practices.

I am the coach

Coach score

  • Total score 78
  • Performance score 75
  • Accessibility score 78
  • Best practice score 88

Accessibility advice (78)

Structure your content by using landmarks (landmarks)The page doesn't use any landmarks.0
Use headings tags within section tags to better structure your page (sections)The page doesn't use sections. You could use them to get a better structure of your content.0
Use caption and th in tables (table)The page has tables that are missing caption, please use them to give them a proper heading or summary.70
  • mp-upper
  • mp-upper

Performance advice (75)

Inline CSS for faster first render (inlineCss)The page has both inline CSS and CSS requests even though it uses a HTTP/2-ish connection. If you have many users on slow connections, it can be better to only inline the CSS. Run your own tests and check the waterfall graph to see what happens.95
  • 3.2.1
Avoid extra requests by setting cache headers (cacheHeaders)The page has 21 request(s) that are missing a cache time. Configure a cache time so the browser doesn't need to download them every time. It will save 133.1 kB the next access.0
Long cache headers is good (cacheHeadersLong)The page has 5 request(s) that have a shorter cache time than 30 days (but still a cache time).95
Total JavaScript size shouldn't be too big (javascriptSize)The total JavaScript transfer size is 206.8 kB and the uncompressed size is 702.2 kB. This is too much. You need to remove as much as possible.0
Don't use private headers on static content (privateAssets)The page has 2 request(s) with private headers. The main page has a private header. It could be right in some cases where the user can be logged in and served specific content. But if your is static it should never be private. Make sure that the assets really should be private and only used by one user. Else make it cacheable for everyone.90

Best practice advice (88)

Meta description (metaDescription)The page is missing a meta description.0

Page info

Page info
TitleWikipedia, the free encyclopedia
DOM elements971
Avg DOM depth11
Max DOM depth19
Script tags6
Local storage434.9 KB
Session storage81 B
HTML vs AMPPlain good HTML page
Resource Hints
No URLs for preconnect
No URLs for prefetch
No URLs for prerender
Third party
Google AnalyticsNo
Google Tag ManagerNo
New RelicNo


Collect timing metrics from your browser using Browsertime.


Visual Metrics

Browser Metrics

Specials and User Timing
RUM Speed Index459
Fully loaded826

Custom scripts

There are no custom configured scripts.


Xrays your page and let you know all about how the page is built.

HTTP versionHTTP/2.0
Total requests33
Total domains4
Total transfer size393.0 KB
Total content size967.9 KB
Responses missing compression0
Requests per response code

Requests and sizes per content type

Transfer vs content size


ContentHeader SizeTransfer SizeContent SizeRequests
htmlN/A18.8 KB71.6 KB1
cssN/A18.6 KB68.8 KB3
javascriptN/A201.9 KB685.7 KB6
imageN/A152.1 KB139.2 KB22
faviconN/A1.6 KB2.7 KB1
TotalN/A393.0 KB967.9 KB33

Size and requests per domain

DomainHeader SizeTransfer SizeContent SizeRequests
en.wikipedia.orgN/A263.0 KB846.5 KB12
upload.wikimedia.orgN/A126.3 KB115.2 KB19
login.wikimedia.orgN/A996 B219 B1
meta.wikimedia.orgN/A2.6 KB6.1 KB1

Expires, last modified and cookies stats

Expires0 seconds0 seconds1 year
Last modified6 hours15 weeks4 years