Page (score: 81)

Scores below 100

Rule Score Message Extra
Make fewer HTTP requests 57 This page has 12 external Javascript scripts. Try combining them into one. This page has 3 external background images. Try combining them with CSS sprites.
Minify JavaScript and CSS 90 There is 1 component that can be minified

Reduce the number of DOM elements 39 There are 2278 DOM elements on the page
Load CSS in head from document domain 90 The following 2 css are loaded from a different domain inside head, causing DNS lookups before page is rendered. Unique DNS in head that decreases the score:1.**

Never load JS synchronously in head 50 There are 5 scripts that are not loaded asynchronously in head, that will block the rendering.***

Reduce number of total requests 84 The page uses 42 requests, that is too many to make the page load fast.***********

Have long expire headers for static components 0 There are 29 static components without a far-future expiration date.*****

Frontend single point of failure 30 The following 7 assets are loaded from a different domain inside head and could be a single point of failure.*****

Too much javascript compared to text content 0 The content of the page concist of 76.37% javascript, that is too much.

Page summary

type value
javascript 12
css 2
images 23
css images 3
font 0
requests 42
request cached 31
doc size 57.9 kb
page size 875.8 kb
js size 592.9 kb
css size 70.8 kb
image size 297.2 kb
css image size 20.4 kb
content weight that are js files 82.2 %
content weight that are css files 9.8 %
page weight cached 97.5 kb
load time 8621 ms
spof 7
sync js in head 5

Page assets

url type size
doc 183.4 kb*
css 64.0 kb*
css 20.8 kb*
js 39.5 kb
js 175.8 kb*
js 49.6 kb*
js 3.3 kb
js 0.1 kb*
js 84.3 kb*
js 12.1 kb*
js 153.8 kb*
js 55.6 kb*
js 0.4 kb
js 9.5 kb*
js 8.9 kb
cssimage 19.7 kb
cssimage 0.3 kb
cssimage 0.5 kb
image 25.9 kb
image 0.2 kb
image 28.3 kb
image 19.5 kb
image 10.6 kb
image 19.9 kb
image 24.2 kb
image 21.3 kb
image 13.2 kb
image 12.0 kb
image 28.3 kb
image 48.9 kb
image 3.6 kb
image 25.2 kb
image 1.8 kb
image 1.8 kb
image 1.6 kb
image 1.9 kb
image 2.3 kb
image 0.5 kb
image 0.2 kb
image 2.4 kb
image 3.5 kb
favicon 0.0 kb